Janet & Rudy


I invite you to take my hand and walk with me on this amazing journey of healing & transformation for your heart, and the hearts of your animals.

Animal Reiki Sessions usually run 1 hour to1& 1/2 hours.

$75. Travel fees apply for locations more than 30miles from my home in Monkton.  

Reiki is gentle and non-invasive, it doesn’t cause stress, discomfort or pain, yet can yield remarkable results. Reiki can help heal a physical illness or injury as well as problems on emotional and spiritual levels. It can be a powerful tool for emotional healing following trauma, abuse or neglect and can address trust issues and fear, reaching even the most damaged spirits.

Offering Reiki to an animal can be a spiritual experience as they openly invite us into their energy. If you would like to improve your relationship with your animal companion, Reiki can help. By offering Reiki to you and your companion animal together, this often creates a space for communication. 

"I decided to try Reiki and Flower Essence. I think these treatments gave the horse a stronger will to live and helped his body to heal. The horse survived, is sound again and back to competition. I believe that a combination of great veterinarian care and Janet's Reiki treatments were the reason the horse survived. I highly recommend Janet's services.”   

-Rhonda Rollins, President, ERRI Horse Rescue

I have completed studies in Animal Reiki, Basic and Advanced Animal Communication. In addition to Reiki, I offer Flower Essence. Reiki, Flower Essence and Communication work hand-in-hand to create a profound healing!     

Reiki is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe complement to Western medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing. For example, Reiki can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, support an acupuncture treatment, and enhance the effects of flower essences.  

Reiki Is Ideal For Animals

- Is your animal companion suffering from stress? Stall bound or confined during recovery?

- Recovering from an injury or illness?

- Do you want a better relationship with your animal companions?

For animals who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their soundness, enhance relaxation and provide an emotional sense of peace and contentment.

For high-strung or nervous animals, Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress reduction.

For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.

-Reiki can be very helpful for any animal that has been in a shelter or rescue-



Flower Essences are a vital component of my practice for people and animals. Flower Essences harness the unique healing wisdom of Flowers to empower positive change, support well-being and nourish mind, body & soul. This wisdom is the electrical vibration of the Flower, information that is easy for our electrical systems to read and learn from. Flower Essences offer us and our animals road maps for solving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. 

The Essences I use are from Green Hope Farm., Meriden NH. A wonderful farm that feels grounded in their work to offer the best quality flower essences as they are fully committed to working consciously with Nature Spirits and Angels of the farm. 

I often think of flower essences as Liquid Reiki because of their ability to offer healing on an energetic/vibrational level. During a Reiki session I often read energy signatures and can determine disruptions in the body's energy fields then provide a custom Flower Essence mix. This mix can assist in re balancing these energies and return to a state of well-being.


These mixes can be purchased directly through me or at The Nest in Jacksonville, MD

1. Keep Calm/Storm Chaser - Perfect for anxious animals. Very helpful for animals that become anxious with encroaching thunderstorms.

2. Happy Happy - Yep, that's exactly what it's for! Great for animals & people that are out of sorts, helps to accept things as they are.

3. Hospice Care - A special mix to help you and your animal companion during this difficult time. Can be used in preparation to crossing over the Rainbow Bridge and afterwards to support you and other animals to work through grief.     

"My husband and I are so relieved to have finally found a way to help calm Chloe, our 10 year old Border Collie, during thunderstorms and fireworks. Before Janet’s flower essence remedy we felt helpless; Chloe would tremble and whimper and was absolutely inconsolable…it was so painful to watch and not be able to help her. But now we just offer her a few drops of Janet's flower essence on a treat when she starts getting anxious and within a few minutes she calms right down. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to help her and knowing that it’s all natural with no side effects makes it even better"