"I have often wanted a way to relieve my dogs, cats and horses of pain, anxiety and stress in a non chemical way. Janet Shettle has helped me to do so by offering Reiki to them and to me. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Janet has taught me Reiki and together we have treated my animals. I have witnessed first hand how animals can heal themselves and return to a state of wellness when we offered Reiki to a horse during a very bad colic. I have also witnessed the benefits of Reiki to animals suffering from injury or illness. Janet has helped older animals get through emotional difficulties such as transitioning and young horses settle and relieve their anxieties do to relocating for training or moving to a new home."

- Lita Hughes


Deb and Her Show Horses 

"Reiki what is that? I said at the farm, but I soon found out how it works along with Janet's communication with my horses, now I can say I use it all the time on all three of my horses. I have used it for back problems with my older show horse, and with both of my new horses, which it helped with training my young filly, she has been a super star and a pleasure to work with. I have used it on my mare that fell during turnout and was very body sore all over, but with in two weeks a combination of veterinary care and along with Janet, she is back in action doing very well. I'm looking forward now to take time out for some Reiki on me with my lyme disease and her working with my dog Cloey. Janet you are just a fabulous connection between me and my animals :)

Thank you so much!"

- Debbie Hann



"I started with Reiki many years ago when the practitioners came to my cancer support group to introduce us to Reiki. After my first session I felt more relaxed. I attended several of these sessions and always felt more relaxed with greater peace of mind. When I started weekly session I became aware of the warmth/energy passing from the practitioners and myself. I was sleeping better and using less pain medication. Overall with Reiki I feel better! I have less pain, have greater peace of mind and a less stressful start of life."

 -Beth Coogan, BSN RN


My Reiki Treatments

I’ve always enjoyed receiving Reiki treatments; but, now that I’m going through chemotherapy, I value the treatments even more. No matter how I feel going into the session, I always feel more relaxed and centered after a Reiki session with Janet. She has such a warm and gentle style that enhances the Reiki treatments. Plus, I’ve asked Janet to share her observations after the treatments and she has graciously done so which I find very insightful. I always leave Janet’s Reiki sessions smiling and feeling more upbeat. 

-Deb Harris, Cancer Life Net Patient 




“The first day I attended Reiki Therapy, I went in with a ‘we’ll see’ attitude. Was I surprised! When I left, the pain in my feet was greatly diminished. I still have arthritic pain and I still take my prescribed medications, but the pain is much easier to live with because of the healing energies initiated through Reiki!

Reiki not only promotes physical healing but it is a wonderful de-stressor. My husband says he can always tell when I’ve had Reiki. I take the world much slower and with a much more relaxed attitude. Having had breast cancer, this can only be a positive in helping to prevent a recurrence.

Janet is a wonderful Reiki therapist. She is very intuitive with her clients and is very knowledgeable about Reiki, associated physical therapies and the human body.

I sincerely look forward to my Reiki time every week”!

-Carolyn Schaub, Cancer LifeNet Patient



"Although initially skeptical that an adjunct therapy like Reiki could be appreciated by animals, we were willing to put perception and prejudice aside if it might benefit Quincy, our 1,500 pound 16.3 hh Percheron/Thoroughbred, who needed six months of stall rest for a broken coffin (foot) bone. Many horses will injure themselves further if forced to stay in a stall for an extended period of time, and a horse Quincy’s size could become dangerous to himself and others if his mental stability became an issue during convalescence. We did not want to rely on injections and tranquilizers to keep Quincy’s mind at ease, and turned instead to a complimentary method that would not impact on the horse’s ongoing medical care. Quincy clearly benefited and, surprisingly, the rest of the horses would surround Janet while she was ministering to Quincy, drawn in by her presence and her dialogue with their injured herd mate. Quincy clearly became calmer as a result of Janet’s use of healing energy, and has returned to the pasture with his friends. 

Janet has also used Reiki with our dogs, some of whom were rescued from neglect or abuse. They, like the horses, look forward to each visit. " 

-Kim Berger and Randy Johnson

Fallston MD




“When asked to describe the benefits of Reiki, my first thought is ‘Peace’. Not knowing what to expect because of my unfamiliarity with the practice, I was delighted with the results of my first session. In subsequent weeks I have found I carry a more positive attitude and an unwillingness to let the ills of the day encroach. There is something magical in ‘touch’. I have always known that. What I had never experienced was the balm, or healing, that comes when that touch is directed exclusively at me for my own well-being. I’m convinced Reiki is a valuable tool in releasing stress and negativity, as well as being beneficial in relating to others.

I’m grateful for Reiki practitioners!”

-Peggie W. Critzer, Cancer LifeNet Patient


My Dog Tip

"The benefits of Reiki on my 14year old dog are unmeasurable. Janet has helped

Tip's mobility, longevity and quality of life. I can't thank her enough!"

- Susan Novak